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Fit and Fabulous: A Working Mom's Guide to Finding Time for Morning Workouts at Home

Life as a working mom is a juggling act, with responsibilities piling up and time seeming to vanish in thin air. Amidst the chaos, your health and fitness often take a backseat. But what if I told you that you can reclaim your wellness journey without sacrificing your precious time? It's time to embrace the power of morning workouts and the convenience of exercising at home. In this guide, I'll share with you some expert tips from yours truly (a hot mess mom with a 9-5) on how busy working moms can not only find the time but also thrive on their fitness journey.

Why Morning Workouts Matter

The early bird catches the worm, they say, and that couldn't be truer for working moms striving to stay fit. Personally, I like to knock mine out before my little wakes up for the day! Here's why incorporating morning workouts into your routine can work wonders for your health:

1. **Boosts Energy and Mood**: Morning workouts kickstart your metabolism, sending a rush of endorphins that set a positive tone for your day. Starting your morning with a burst of physical activity can elevate your energy levels, helping you tackle your tasks with renewed vigor. I know my co-workers can definitely tell when I skipped my morning WERKout!

2. **Enhances Consistency**: Mornings are less likely to be disrupted by unexpected meetings, last-minute tasks, or a toddler asking you 8000 times for a snack. By prioritizing your workout first thing, you're more likely to stick to your routine and achieve your fitness goals.

3. **Improved Focus**: Exercise has been linked to improved cognitive function. A morning workout sharpens your mental focus, making it easier to tackle your work and family responsibilities throughout the day.

4. **Quality Sleep**: Regular morning workouts can lead to improved sleep quality. When you start your day with physical activity, you're setting the stage for a restful night's sleep. Knowing you have a class early in the AM can also help you stop doom scrolling on Insta until midnight! I had to learn that one the hard way.

Convenience of Working Out at Home

As a busy working mom, driving to the gym might seem like an impossible task. Especially when you factor in getting the littles ready to go also, OR finding someone to watch them while you run off for a quick class. That's where the magic of home workouts comes in. Here's how working out at home can become your fitness game-changer:

1. **Time-Efficient**: Home workouts eliminate commute time, giving you more minutes to dedicate to exercise. Even a 20-30 minute session can yield impressive results when done consistently. All of our WERKouts are 30 minutes or less!

2. **Flexibility**: With home workouts, you're in control of your schedule. You can squeeze in a session before your little ones wake up or after they've gone to bed, adapting your workout routine to your unique timetable.

3. **Minimal Equipment**: You don't need a fancy home gym to get fit. A yoga mat, a set of dumbbells, and resistance bands are versatile tools that can help you target various muscle groups effectively. These are the only tools we use in our WERKouts. And your sass, please bring that with you as well....

4. **Comfort Zone**: Exercising at home means you get to sweat it out in your favorite pajamas if you want to! You're in your comfort zone, which can make the experience more enjoyable and less intimidating.

Tips for a Successful Morning Workout Routine

Now that you're on board with morning workouts and home fitness, here are some expert tips to ensure your success:

1. **Prepare the Night Before**: Lay out your workout clothes and equipment the night before. This eliminates excuses and makes it easier to dive into your workout as soon as you wake up.

2. **Have a Plan.**: For successful workouts you need a plan! This is especially true in the early AM when your brain isn't quite turned on yet. This is where having a resource for workouts comes in handy. WERK Smart gives you the plan so you can just show up and know you'll get in a good werkout.

3. **Hydrate and Fuel**: Begin your day with a glass of water to hydrate your body. A light pre-workout snack like a banana or a handful of nuts can provide the necessary energy.

4. **Create a Dedicated Space**: Designate a small area at home for your workouts. Having a clutter-free, inviting space can motivate you to get moving.

5. **Enlist Accountability**: Partner up with a fellow mom or use fitness apps to track your progress and stay accountable. The

As a working mom, your time is precious, and your health is invaluable. Incorporating morning workouts into your routine and embracing the convenience of home fitness can be transformative. Remember, the journey is about progress, not perfection. By taking small steps towards a healthier lifestyle, you're setting a powerful example for your family and prioritizing your well-being. So rise and shine, busy moms, and let your mornings be the stepping stones to a fit and fabulous you!

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Nikki Holloway
Aug 22, 2023

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