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Program is FREE with any membership. 

Why Join?:

Fun & Easy to Understand

The more boring and complicated it is, the more we’re likely to quit and we don’t want that to happen to us. There are no complicated charts, long equipment lists, or crazy moves with this program! Just fun, effective workouts to help you break through your plateaus so you can see results!

Minimal Equipment

There’s no need to go to the gym when you can do your workouts anywhere, anytime! All you need for these workouts are: a pair or two of dumbbells, a small space, bench (if possible), and your phone!

How to Join in:

1) Scroll down and click "Join In"

2) Join our Facebook Group 

3) Download Fit by Wix App to easily follow along (you can also follow along here on the website)

4) Check back on the first day of the challenge. Read over "Prepare! READ ME" in the program. 
5) Come back each day and complete your steps.

You can join us on Zoom each morning to complete the daily step or do it on your own time utilizing the workout recordings OR the Exercise Timer App (link to download and get to each workout in the steps)



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