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Personal Training

Meet Crystal Stratis,

Certified Personal Trainer

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Crystal is a one of a kind trainer and motivator.

Become one of her garage gym rats or meet her at the gym!

Crystal is located in Rogers but services Northwest Arkansas.

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"Crystal puts together creative and fun workouts that will help you hit your goals and keep you coming back for more!" 

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I reached out to Crystal Reign Stratis, advised her of our individual needs [myself and daughter], and provided her with our schedule. I'll be honest; I was not expecting a positive response as I knew my ask was over-the-top. However, Crystal and I were able to chat and work out not only a plan for both my daughter and myself, but she also worked with us and continues to work with us on our crazy schedule!


Not only am I able to get personal lessons for both myself and my daughter, but we can also work collaboratively to aid in our limited schedule and variety of needs. 

I have lost 20lbs since I started working with Crystal. My body is changing, and I feel better. My daughter (12) is also excited to work out with Crystal. Crystal goes out of her way to find engaging and fun workouts for my daughter that keeps her engaged. My daughter is also showing signs of progression in her strength training!


Crystal uses multiple ways to keep in touch with you. For example, working out at the gym alone and not sure if you are making a move right. She will video chat using Marco Polo to MAKE SURE you are hitting those moves. Want to have a sense of community in your journey? Crystal has a Facebook and Snapchat group that builds on friendships and encouragement, shares tips and workouts, and meal prepping. It makes you feel like you are all in this together and helping each other.


Crystal goes out of her way to check in with you to see how you feel and how your body is doing. She is a rock, champion, fitness guru who pushes, listens, and specializes your experience with her. But even moreso than all of the above, you can tell she is passionate about fitness, and you can tell she cares about YOU!

- Heather Hodge

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Solo Sessions: $40

Get Stared

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Bring a Friend for $30 each

If you're ready to start on your goals and SEE results
Call or Text Crystal at:

(479) 586-0130

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