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Are you a hot mess mom, working professional, or need to make the next step to a healthier you?


Wherever you are in your journey, WERK smart equips you with everything you'll need. Live and on-Demand Workouts, check! Grocery Shopping Guides, check! Meal prep, check! And an incredible community to cheer you on. 


"This group has been amazing for holding me accountable! I've never been a part of a fitness tribe where I became good friends with the group. When people genuinely care about your well-being it and this tribe cares."

"Without PrepWerk, my life would be way more stressful. From seeing pediatric patients to all day to just wanting to be a mom when I get home from work, this business is a lifesaver. It gives me healthy options for dinner with my family!"

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Let's get this journey STARTED!


You've read this far about WERK smart. How about taking a moment to try it for yourself? Within our on-Demand video library is a selection of completely free WERK outs to see what we're all about.

And afterwards you can join us on our Facebook community to meet those on the same journey!

Prepared Meals

Meal Prep

Every month a new selection of recipes are available for you and your family. Meals come frozen and have 6 servings each. For those in Rogers, Arkansas.

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Members will receive grocery shopping comparison guides, the latest coupon deals, gardening tips, and how to preserve produce.



You've taken time out of your busy day to pursue a better you and that deserves a pat on the back. Whether you join us today or down the road, we appreciate you taking the time to learn about the WERK smart community.

Keep up with the WERK Smart Tribe!

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